Thursday, September 4, 2008


First, there was SALT, and now there's PEPPER! Over the past 18 months, the SALT class (stands for Sharing And Learning Together), which is a Co-Ed Young Adults class, has nearly tripled in size. Because of the amazing growth of SALT, we are growing a new class, and on Sunday, September 7th, PEPPER will be born!

PEPPER stands for People Enjoying, Pursuing, and Proclaiming the Everlasting Redeemer. Long name, so we'll just call it PEPPER! PEPPER will be taught by Jonathan Bennett who formerly taught the College & Career class. Here's the other pertinent info:

Teacher: Jonathan Bennett
Ages: Co-ed Young Adults, 18+
Location: Room 211

Please pray for both the SALT and PEPPER classes (as well as all of our classes) as we begin this new year of Sunday School ministry at Highland Park First Baptist Church!

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Anonymous said...

That is very great!
Smart too!
God Bless y'all!